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Wrap magazine: natasha durley's wonderlands


There’s something really brilliant about illustrations that draw you in, and make you want to explore their landscapes. That’s what Natasha Durley’s work does, in abundance. With her use of psychedelic colours, and a free illustrative style, she imagines and creates strangely familiar…

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The Ospedale Mag­giore, tra­di­tion­al­ly named Ca’ Gran­da is a build­ing in the cen­tre of Milan,constructed to house one of the first com­mu­ni­ty hos­pi­tals, the largest such under­tak­ing of the fif­teenth cen­tu­ry.Francesco Sforz…
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Parvinder Marwaha, dezeen.com
Dezeen archive: fol­low­ing our story about the much await­ed west­ern con­course at King’s Cross sta­tion by John McAslan & Part­ners, we decid­ed to group togeth­er all of our sto­ries about sta­tions for this week’s archive fea­ture. See…
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Permalink One of China’s first female bodyguards doesn’t flinch when a bottle is smashed on her head during training. Source: Spectrum
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Our friends at Old Faithful Shop with their new hand lettered signage.
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500px / Photo “Street Vendor” by Roman K
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Could Not Sleep Promo Mailer
‘Traveling Essentials of a Graphic Designer’. See more images here.
Permalink Girl’s hands from Lamu, Kenya
Source: Jim Grover
Permalink Pingyao, China from Clare Lawrence